John Pesquesa

Administrative Assistant

John Pesquesa is the new administrative assistant for the Napa Medical Research Foundation as of April 2022. He has 10 years of experience working in customer service and has an educational background in IT. He attended Napa Valley College from 2012 to 2014 . It wasn't until after his time at NVC, that he realized he wanted to explore the medical field and help others. This seemed like a natural path to pursue since he comes from a family of nurses. In 2018, his love for computer technology emerged and he took numerous classes concerning all things IT (including Google's own IT Program). With this training, he sought to combine his past experience as a CNA in order to obtain an administrative role within the medical field so that his passion for helping others may also continue to flourish. 


When he's not working, John loves to play the guitar as well as staying physically active by going to the gym or rock-climbing.