Joy Ortstadt


Joy Ortstadt graduated from University of California, Berkeley. She has an extensive background in Medical Claims, Underwriting and Management and has been working in Dr. Bodor’s private medical practice as his office manager for over ten years. Joy’s took the position as Treasurer of the Napa Medical Research Foundation to further Dr. Bodor’s research into finding improved diagnostic methods and more effective therapies to treat complex medical conditions affecting patient’s physical health. Her hope is that findings from the Foundation’s research will help educate the public and other medical professionals on the most effective current treatment options for muscle, nerve, bone and joint conditions.

When not working in the clinic, Joy can be found spinning on a bike inside or riding around Napa on her road bike. Her love of exercise heightens her desire to help support research that heals, eliminates pain, and enables others to have the physical mobility to do the activities they enjoy.