Exciting News from the Research Team


The NMRF has informally received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that our patent entitled “Method of Producing the constituents of a therapeutic product derived from mammalian cells,” will be awarded. According to NMRF Researcher, Ryan Dregalla, PhD, “The intellectual property presented in the patent application covers a unique method of producing a therapeutic-grade platelet lysate using means which leave no residue or hazardous material behind, efficiently rupturing >70% of platelets without damaging the proteins of interest and can be achieved within 10 minutes.”

Current methods for producing platelet lysates involve freeze-thaw methods which take more than 30 minutes to achieve and are relatively ineffective at rupturing the platelets and damage the proteins of interest in the process.  The awarding of this patent application will allow NMRF to pursue commercialization pathways in the years to come.