Ryan Dregalla, PhD

Research Consultant

Ryan Dregalla is the founder of Dregalla Medical Technologies LLC and co-founder of Lucina Biosciences LLC. He serves as Head Consultant for Regenerative Medicine for Napa Medical Research Foundation and played a primary role in the development of the new NMRF research lab. With a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Colorado State University, Mr. Dregalla specializes in designing research studies and creating custom protocols to qualify and quantify scientific data. As Chief Science Officer for Lucina, Dregalla assisted with the development of intellectual property under NDA, invented decellularized regenerative therapies, and was responsible for managing the production of patent applications, scientific methodologies and oversight of product validation.

Dregalla was formerly the Head Research Scientist for Regenexx where he focused on the regenerative potential of select cellular therapies for orthopedic applications. He has contributed to numerous peer-reviewed journals and head and co-author, including the forthcoming publication of a seminal chapter on Platelet-Rich Plasma with Dr. Marko Bodor, Director of Research for NMRF. Dregalla was an instructor at Aims Community College in General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology as well as serving as a graduate teaching and graduate research assistant for the Colorado State University Department of Biology.

Dregalla Medical Technologies is located in Lyons, Colorado where Mr. Dregalla can enjoy the wilderness and outdoor adventures of the Colorado Rockies.