When others her age may consider slowing down, Flo started bench pressing and deadlifting when she was 69 years old.  A runner, skier and tennis player, Flo has lived an active life. After reading an article about a 12-year old weightlifter, Flo said to herself, “If she can do it, so can I!”  A self-proclaimed competitor, Flo embarked on a new passion for team weightlifting.

Flo first saw Dr. Marko Bodor for carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder pain in 2009. Her platelet rich plasma (PRP) procedures were effective. Flo eventually suffered a disc tear in three places in 2017 and while chiropractic care was helpful, it didn’t solve her problem. She continued to exercise and lift weights, but had trouble sleeping, walking and standing, and the pain was radiating into her left leg and knee. In 2018, Dr. Bodor provided Flo with fluoroscopy-guided intradiscal PRP injections to alleviate her low back pain.

In less than a month, Flo felt better. While her personal best bench press was 110 pounds and deadlift at 237 pounds, Flo was able to get back up to 100 pounds and 200 pounds, respectfully. Since then, Flo has had additional PRP procedures to her knees and right elbow with great success. Her commitment to wellness and recovery has resulted in Flo getting back to her love of weightlifting with her team at HealthQuest here in the Napa Valley!

Flo holds three world records through the World Association of Benchpressers and Deadlifters for her age group. Napa Medical Research Foundation continues to propel studies in regenerative medicine for common, chronic problems like lower back pain and we are honored to support such unique people in our community