With the increasing rate of COVID vaccinations throughout the nation, we wanted to remind the community of the possibility of shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (also known as SIRVA). It is extremely rare to be injured when receiving a vaccine (only one in 50,000 suffer injuries each year as a result of vaccine administration) – so it shouldn’t be a reason to avoid being vaccinated. In fact, vaccinations save millions of lives every year. However, in rare cases, the vaccine is deposited too high and too deep in the shoulder, which can lead to ongoing pain and a limited range of motion.

If you experience shoulder pain for several weeks after a vaccination, please let your doctor know and consider referral to a specialist.  The good news is that for those who are diagnosed with a shoulder injury due to vaccine administration, there is now an effective treatment available. Dr. Bodor originally identified this issue in his clinic and in 2019 he and the research team at the Napa Medical Research Foundation discovered a way to identify the source of the problem and
effectively treat it.

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