Yvette Uribe

Research Assistant

Yvette graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Cell and Developmental Biology. She continued her education for 2 years after at San Francisco State focusing on post-graduate Biology coursework. Yvette has also been a volunteer at the Community Health Clinic Ole in Napa for over 5 years, assisting with patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C and Diabetes.

Over the last four years, Yvette has held numerous key positions and worked closely with Dr. Bodor at his Napa Valley clinic. Most recently, she provided research assistance with Dr. Bodor’s latest journal article, Why Short Stature is Beneficial in Duschenne Muscular Dystrophy and book chapter, Platelet-Rich Plasma: Regenerative Medicine: Sports Medicine, Orthopedic, and Recovery of Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Honored to be a part of the Napa Medical Research Foundation and to have Dr. Bodor as a mentor, Yvette looks forward to seeing research performed and knowledge gained at the local level being shared with other medical professionals and benefiting patients around the world.

Being a part of the Foundation also fuels Yvette’s passion to reach her long-term goal of attending medical school and becoming a doctor focusing on modern medicine at the cellular level.